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Patient care, anywhere, is our top priority which is why our staff is available to tend to your needs. 


Infusion Therapy, from delivery to personal support

Private Nurse is pleased to offer patients the privacy, comfort and convenience of in-home Infusion Therapy. Whether you have been prescribed antibiotics, medicine for pain management, or are undergoing chemotherapy, we will work closely with the pharmacist to coordinate your Infusion Therapy with the proper dosages and treatment schedule.

Our nursing staff is trained in the proper insertion techniques and management of IV lines. They will work with you and your family to offer the teaching and support needed to make sure you are at ease with your at home IV therapy.

Our home infusion therapy services include Picc Care, Antibiotic Infusion in the comfort of your home, while maintaining the most sterile techniques and maximizing your comfort.

We provide home-based compassionate and quality clinical care to patients with infectious diseases, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic or terminal pain, immune deficiencies, cardiovascular disease or chronic genetic diseases, and those who are pre- or post-transplantation. Serving adults and children alike, home-delivered infusion drug therapies include: Antibiotics, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Enteral Nutrition Hydration, Pain Management, Chemotherapy.

Private Nurse also can coordinate the direct delivery of your IV drugs and supplies to your home.

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