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Pediatric to 

Geriatric Care

Patient care, anywhere, is our top priority which is why our staff is available to tend to your needs. 


Therapeutic Services, from post-surgical care, short-term rehabilitation or long-term assistance

Private Nurse is equipped to serve you whether you are in need of post-surgical care, short-term rehabilitation or long-term assistance with daily activities and therapies. With Nevada Visiting Nurses, you’ll receive compassionate care and assistance in the comfort and privacy of your home. From pediatric to geriatric care, we are experienced in working with patients of all ages.


If a patient is being transferred out of the state or country we will accompany the patient to his or her destination. We also provide travel with our patients, to Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Funerals and more.
Our experienced staff provides care in the Phoenix Valley, Arizona, and Nevada. We also cover rural areas.

We are pleased to offer dynamic therapy programs, under the direction of qualified and experienced therapists.
Occupational Therapy
We are equipped to provide you with Occupational Therapy, including assistance with day to day tasks and patient and caregiver training on how to operate your home medical equipment.
Physical Therapy
Our home health services also include Physical Therapy – working with the patient to strengthen muscles and regain mobility after surgery or stroke.
Speech Therapy
Our specialized staff will assist in working towards better speech and communication after a stroke or accident.
We are committed to offering those dealing with Alzheimer’s the highest quality care at each stage of the disease. We work to help the families we serve prepare and understand what they may expect during the course of the illness. We also remove the worry and daily stress of caregiving, so that families may better enjoy the time spent with their loved one.
Childbirth can take physical and emotional toll on both mother and baby. We are available to assist all of your postnatal and newborn care needs. While you recover, our staff can monitor your health and Cesarean-Section healing (if needed), as well as provide care for your newborn.

Whether you are faced with the challenge of caring for multiples, a sick infant, or you need assistance breast feeding and offering round the clock care, we are available to serve you.

We are pleased to offer Telehealth in addition to our home health services. Telehealth’s monitoring program is designed for patients dealing with Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. Our skilled staff will monitor and asses your Telehealth data, which provides a quick alert to any changes in your condition, so we can promptly seek out the proper
medical resources.
We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about the Telehealth program, and discuss whether it is right for you.
DME not supplied and Nurses only.

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